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POD Queen, launched in 2012. Focused on e-commerce supply chain integration and Print-On-Demand services, we aim to provide high-quality products and the best customer service for all online retailers and offline stores.

Based on the new e-commerce platform model, DaaS(dropshipping as a service), POD Queen has built up a global supply chain distribution solution supported on SaaS store software tools and integrated products and services. Through directly integrating strong Chinese supply chain capabilities and docking with various levels of e-commerce companies all over the world, we help designers create and realize their own business by enabling their design strengths and leveraging our software and supply chain expertise.

In addition to the basic POD products, such as apparel, POD Queen is currently focused on promoting home decoration products in the POD field, POD Queen has already established a mature, flexible production and supply chain for home decoration - with more than 500 (and growing!) styles available right now. We hope our products can help our customers and designers better demonstrate their brand’s message and design strengths.

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